Excel Skills Matrix

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Analytics to track, plan and improve team capability


Excel Skills Matrix

The excel skills and training matrix management tool helps progressive people managers rapidly document all skill requirements, staff members and their current capability.  This information instantly produces a visual skills heat map enabling you to set and communicate up-skill targets to improve team capability. 


If you want to improve team capability you must first understand what needs to be done and who can do it to an appropriate standard.  Only then can you effectively plan to up-skill a team.

This management tool is essential for all team leaders/managers, or business owners that truly want to invest in the capability of their team members.

Successful managers and leaders NEVER 'assume' the skill level of their team members.  They use a skills matrix in order to evidence true ownership of team development.  We recommend that you watch this short video which will introduce you to the skills and training matrix template in Microsoft Excel.

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